Larval is a utility that looks for volatility in the stock market as it happens. It works by monitoring the market in ~5 minute intervals and alerts you if the price change meets your criteria. The countdown slider above indicates the time remaining until the next polling update. The settings button below allows you to control the criteria that alerts you after each polling update. Alt-click rows or use the ~ key to keep specific symbols on top. Swipe or use arrow keys to rewind and navigate your backlog history. Shift-click rows to toggle to the top.larval.com symbol viewer, a stocktwits.com tool that monitors the accuracy of claims made by its users. For a complete list of navigational keyboard shortcuts type "?"
It appears you've happened upon this unpromoted and unpublicised sidecar project: expect hiccups. Larval TOP is a (extremely beta) tracker for bullish and bearish sentiment made on stocktwits.com. User posts are followed for one week or until the stock goes up or down 20%, whichever happens first. Leaderboard aggregation currently requires users to have a history of 5 or more unique symbols, at least one post in the last month, and all posts must be during market hours. Most stocktwits.com urls can have the .com changed to .top (stocktwits.top) to quickly view a user or symbol track record.

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